Friday, 19 June 2009

Like minds

Hey one and all, yesterday I had the most inspired meeting I have had in ages. It was with a gentlemen named Troy Kennedy, who seems to be more like me than me (if thats possible). It was the kind of meeting that when you finished talking you feel like you have known the person for a life time. He introduced me to a lot of ideas and I am going to share two of the best:

1. The Greun Transfer:(TGT) is a show about advertising, how it works, and how it works on us. Hosted by the inimitable Wil Anderson, TGT decodes and defuses the commercial messages that swirl through our lives, with the help of a panel of ad industry experts.

The show is Australian, and has just been picked up by BBC Three, its great so check it out.

2. The Million: which is a integreated campaign with Verizon, Samsung and the New york school board. It just picked a D&AD pencil, again its amazing so check it out, video here.

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