Sunday, 28 September 2008

Does success validate your opinion?

'Does success validate your opinion' that's my thought of the day. I like to blog as do a lot of people, and in my blog I present my opinion, as again a lot of people do.

Currently I am a relatively unknown blogger, like many other Joe bloggs, so I have been thinking at what point does my opinion become validated. Is success the proof that your opinion is correct, if so and 20,000 people read my blog daily, does that mean my opinion is now more valid than it was when 5 people read it.

Or if I become successful for a reason not related to my blog and start blogging, is my opinion automatically validated because I am a success in my own right, so must hold a valid opinion.

In closing please answer the question DOES SUCCESS VALIDATE YOUR OPINION?

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be360 said...

ummm... to a certain degree yes, if your successful in the field of what your discussing then of course.... you should know.... your the successful one.... your opinion would be valid and possibly sort after because the "unsuccessful" always want to know how.

Your accomplishments and experiences in life always validated your opinion... however, if I'm a successful business person, that doesn't validate my opinion on child care or farming.... or even music composition or architecture.

Your opinion is only ever valid if it's based on fact and if your success and accomplishments can be backed with factual evidence then there you have it Mr Blogger your success validates your opinion.