Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Interview with Director of MTV, Dave McElwaine

PSFK tracked down one of the big boys from MTV to find out where he gathers inspiration for one of the worlds most recognized brands. Here's what he had to say

1. So what are you up to right now?

Designing mobile phone panels for MTV x Sony Ericsson ‘100 Panels’ Project. Designs to be exhibited at a creative summit in Tokyo this fall.

2. Tell me about this or the last creative project you were personally proud of – big or small.

MTV’s Summer Sizzle ‘06 Campaign. A series of live action spots showing massive popsicles, choc ices and ice cream cones melting on the beaches of California to the astonishment of the locals.

3. What did you draw upon to inspire you for this project – (could be anything).

Claus Oldenburg’s oversized sculptures and drawings of everyday objects.

4. Why did you use these inspirations? What human emotions do they play upon that you felt necessary for this project?


5. In your day-to-day work – how often do you feel inspired? Is it important to be inspired?

It’s important to want to get out of bed.

6. How do you kick start your off-days: How do you find inspiration?

I tend to write off an off-day. I find inspiration from searching - mental archives, my reference library, picture search engines and just wandering.

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