Monday, 12 January 2009

Music is .....

To me this quote best describes music 'asides from silence, music is the only thing that can express the unexpressable'. You know the feeling when you hear a tune and it communicates exactly what you were thinking but couldn't articulate, making you feel like 'ooh i'm not alone'.

I believe this is why music is so important to culture, because it allows people that are very different to have something in common. Its like when you go to a show you will see people different ages, different races all feeling the same vibe.

Bob Marley sang ' when the music hits you feel no pain', again for me this couldn't be more true. Often when I need inspiration, motivation of just comfort my first salvation is music.

I also feel I have learnt soo much through music, music was originally designed to pass on messages, although for certain music this has lost its way, there is still a big amount of great message music that is trying to guide us closer to truth.

At the end on Common 'like water for chocolate', pops rap breaks it down.

Hip Hop, Hip Hop, the language of the underground railroad
In it's purest form
Yeah true hip hop is just like the Underground Railroad

If the message is not for you
It can sit on your nose and your brain remain froze
So when you see me traveling on a spiritual high
I'm flying high with Cee-Lo
Or maybe watching my long's heart dancing to a De La flow

Everybody knows there's no fruit on the tree without The Roots
And Black Star said we are what we are
The Knowledge Of Self Determination
And my little homie KG
Up there in Minnesota milking 10000 lakes

Keep the heat on em', we got to be kind to the growing mind
So if your heart is real
You will hear Big Will and Ms. Lauryn Hill
If your love is true, you will hear Badu-ism

And you can't go right until you go left
and get some ingredients from the music chef Jazzy Jeff
Children, I've travelled this globe
north to south, east to west
And whenever my soul appears lost
I turn to the musical stylings of a Tribe Called Quest

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