Monday, 10 November 2008

Iain Tate: On Becoming a Creative

Iain Tate founder of Poke, talks about what it takes to become a creative. Landing a job at a creative company itself requires some out-of-box thinking, but there’s no need to make things too complicated for yourself either. Once you’ve identified your skills and the type of direction you’d like to head in, coming up with a thoughtful marketing plan for yourself says a lot to potential employers about the type of imagination that you’d bring to their firm.

Iain Tait offers 7 things to consider when seeking the next step in your career:

  • Get yourself a portfolio
  • Spend a bit of time making your portfolio nice / neat / test it / proof it
  • Be clear and upfront about your role in projects you’ve worked on
  • Have an opinion on aesthetics / design / interaction / type / sound design / whatever…
  • Brand yourself
  • Do some light detective work
  • Put your plan into action
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