Saturday, 2 August 2008


You're doing something right if you have a scarcity problem. By this I mean if you have a product, service or even a job that's in such high demand that people are clamouring for more than you can make.

We live in a society where scarcity is the key, which has an interesting dichotomy, we want things that everyone wants, but only certain people can get, this way we feel special, and people in the know think we're special.

Anyway let me break it down, Why be scarce?
  • Scarcity creates fashion. People want something that others can't have.
  • Lines create demand. People want something that others want.
  • Scarcity also creates word of mouth, because people talk about lines and shortages and hot products.
  • And finally, scarcity drives your product to the true believers, the ones most likely to spread the word and ignite the ideavirus. Because they expended effort to acquire your product or service, they're not only more likely to talk about it, but they've self-selected as the sort of person likely to talk about it.

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