Tuesday, 12 August 2008

What happened to the passion?

Is there something about the world that makes people give up on there desire to change the things they find fault with in the world. By this I mean does the pursuit of money, happiness and general need to survive take over peoples consciousness, also what part does the media play in this?

This thought was partly borne out of my recent redundancy. Its funny how until you leave a situation, its difficult to rationally judge the situation you were in. In my case this situation was a job within one's of London's best advertising agencies. As good as this job was, I now realise how much it took over my life, as most jobs do. Depending on how you view it, my job had either evolved or stopped my desire to change the things in the world that I didn't like. This leads to wonder how many other people this has happened to.

I can remember my passion to rid the world of its problems when graduating from university. This passion seemed to go once I entered the world of work. At which time I was also in-taking news coverage without question, by reading the free newspapers to and from work.

With a clear mind I now question the very purpose of these newspapers. Understanding that the media is one off, and probably the powerful forms of communication, along with Word of mouth and advertising. Is the plan to in-turn brain wash people with irreverent news on their journeys to and from work, gradually building peoples tolerance to the subjects and topics in the messaging.

Anyway not to the digress from the point, I wonder why life does this to people. Is it just that people weren't really that passionate about the change they wanted to affect. Are we as people generally happy with the routine monotony of working 9 -5, paying bills etc, etc, and how much of this is a result of the media reducing the collective consciousness of the people.

Ask yourself this question, Are you still passionate? If the answer is Yes, are you working in, on or towards your passion. If the answer is no, one more question WHY NOT?

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